BCHCAZ Board Meeting – February 1, 2021

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Roll Call – Quorum

  • President – Craig Ferdig
  • Vice President – Gayle Gardner (provided update just prior to meeting)
  • Secretary – Rene Ferdig
  • Treasurer – Dan Thornhill
  • Trails – Spike Hicks


Approve Agenda:  Approved

  • Financial / Meeting Update – Dan
      • $26,600 starting balance
      • Ending balance $28,074
      • Money Market ending balance $5,048.59
      • 56 paid memberships for 2021
  • 2021 Annual Meeting Agenda
      • Time:  10:30am
      • Open to all current members and back to 2019, voters only 2020 members 
      • Jason – Prescott Forest Service Update
        • 2020 Update
        • Bikes / eBikes
        • Signage
        • Grant Update
        • Kendrick Mountain
      • Public Lands – Alan White
  • Additional Roles
      • Craig – National Director for BCHA
      • Dan – elected as VP for State BCHAZ
      • Katherine – Membership and Volunteer Coordinator
  • 2021 Plans
      • Volunteer Hours
      • Upcoming Trail Rides – 
        • Checking on Little Thumb Butte ride
        • Monthly rides
      • Safety and Liability / Lawsuits
        • We have general liability coverage
        • Waiver for riders on casual trail rides
      • Horse Lords event in May
  • Elections
      • President
      • VP
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
      • Membership Coordinator – Katherine Thornhill nomination
  • Sedona Committee Update
      • Joan and Stephanie of Sedona committee continue exploration of Western Gateway trail modifications and/or work-arounds to allow safe use by equestrians.  Primary objective at present is to modify or establish safe routes for equestrians to ride safely from Cultural Park parking area to Fay Canyon/Aerie parking area. 
      •  Redesign of Western Gateway trails took the all-user friendly Girdner trail, the only route from Cultural Park to Fay Canyon, out of the wash and recut it onto the hillside.  The resulting new Girdner is narrow with precipitous drops.  The new trail is not suitable for equestrians or novice/intermediate bike riders all the way through.  These riders are stopped from friendly, safe passage with no alternative trail, by a section of the new Girdner trail approximately 75-100 yards long.
      • 12/10/20 – Joan and Stephanie addressed this 75-100 yards on site with Jennifer Burns, former program director for RRRD, and Phil Kincheloe, local trail consultant to RRRD.  Jennifer, Phil, Joan and Stephanie identified areas to widen the trail in places and add at least 3 turnouts with sufficient line of sight for any type of user to step off the tread for same or opposing direction traffic to pass.  These improvements will allow users of any type or skill to travel the entire “Girdner trail line” safely.
      • A similar situation exists on a 25 foot section of Axis trail at the Dry Creek crossing, i.e. the trail is OK for all users except for this one 25-foot section.  Also, on 12/10/19, after 45 minutes of exploration and discussion, Jennifer and Phil are comfortable with a reconstruction alternative recommendation for this section of Axis.
      • On 12/15/20, this same team addressed the new trail Outer Limits.  Again, there is approximately one mile of Outer Limits which is unsuitable for equestrian and novice/intermediate bike riders.  We agreed this section of Outer Limits should probably left for the technical bike riders as there is likely an old cattle trail that can be more easily prepared and sanctioned as a suitable go-‘round for these users.
      • On 1/22/21, Joan, Phil Kincheloe and Stephanie reconned the cattle trail mentioned above and found it to be an appropriate alternative to the technical section of Outer Limits.  The trail would require a minimum amount of construction, is scenic and suitable for all types and level of trail user.
      • Next step, tentatively scheduled for 2/3/21, Jennifer Burns, Phil Kincheloe, Joan and Stephanie will meet to draft document above recommendations and strategize best approach for presentation to RRRD.
  • New Business
  • Spike will put eBikes stickers on Almosta Trail
  • National BCHA – Craig is attending monthly national meetings with responsibility to report policies to state and local chapters.  $5 to State.  $18 to National.


Comments/Additional Topics

  • EEE  – Meeting for Verde Valley / Sedona 2/2/21. Request to forward invitation to BCHCAZ members who live closer to that side.