Click here to complete an email that goes to BCHCAZ and is also reported to the appropriate Forest Service or Agency. Some examples of situations to report include, downed trees, washed out trails, cattle in a recreation area, user conflicts involving bikes, atv’s hikers, equestrians or camp hosts, agency volunteers or employees. Please provide as much information as possible including location, date, time, names of other witnesses, etc.  Be sure to include your name and phone number.


BCHCAZ reports volunteer time for all projects and activities to our state and national organizations, so recording your time is very important.

  • Download Group Project PDF Form by clicking here. Print, complete and mail to BCHCAZ President.  Email to

VOLUNTEER HOURS ADD UP!! Sample from 2018!!  More in 2021!!

In 2018, BCHCAZ Chapter worked and contributed volunteer hours equivalent to $32,820.78.

In 2015, BCHCAZ Chapter reported over 2,723 volunteer service hours to the National Back Country Horsemen organization. The equivalent value of those hours combined with stock hauling, power equipment usage, etc., is $177,408. Here’s the breakdown:

Trail Recon
Trail Work
Skilled Work
Admin & Public Meetings
Personal Vehicle
Stock Hauling Miles
Heavy Equipment Rental
Total Stock Used
Total Stock Days
190 hours
428.5 hours
2,047 Hours
27 hours
667.5 hours
7,545 miles

Please consider these instructions when completing the form.

  1. Start your time when you begin preparing or loading equipment and stock to leave.
  2. If you are loading equipment for 2 hours the day before you leave count the 2 hours.
  3. If you use your saddle horse or pack animal for any part of a day it counts as a days use for each.
  4. Report your travel time and report miles traveled to and from destination.
  5. Report any equipment used such as power equipment, backhoes or materials donated by you or used from another source.  If you are using a trailer to haul a piece of equipment or materials use the $1.10 per mile when reporting.
  6. If you are packing in and camping to facilitate multiple days of volunteerism report only your WORK time including caring for your stock.
  7. If your purpose for going on a ride is for pleasure you are not working. If you are out there to do Recon claim your time and report the conditions.  Recon should have a purpose.
  8. The FS regulations on overnight projects; the standard work day is 8 hours not including a half hour lunch with a maximum claimed of 11.5 hours.  If you do work more than 11.5 hours as a volunteer working for a public lands agency then you should claim your time.
  9. Trail Miles (cleared or worked) falls into two classifications for reportingTrails cleared and trails cleared in designated wilderness areas.  If you have a GPS use it or use the “best guess system”.  In reporting miles cleared, remember if you have a work crew of 5 people and clear 5 miles of trail, it is still 5 miles not 25 miles.  If a trail requires work in the same area more than once, claim it.  You are figuring the distance from the trailhead to the completed area cleared.
  10. Experience has shown, if you don’t write it down the day you work it won’t get done.
  • Click here to use the Electronic Form – best to use PDF