BCHCAZ Board Meeting – May 4, 2021

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Roll Call – Quorum

  • President – Craig Ferdig
  • Secretary – Rene Ferdig
  • Treasurer – Dan Thornhill
  • Membership – Katherine Thornhill
  • Trails Maintenance – Spike Hicks 
  • Sedona – Joan Bouck
  • Trail leader – Christina McCarty


Agenda:  Approved

  • Financial / Membership Update – Dan
    • Membership – 3 more memberships.  80 + 3 that Craig has applications for.
    • Need new insurance company.  Christina uses EQGroup for Starfish Riders.  July 19th the policy will lapse and needs to be replaced by then.


  • Trails
    • Salida Gulch gate – cowboy gate near the back, but nothing needs to be done until the fall.
    • Almosta Trail – Mint Wash, heavy equipment on private land messed up the wash.  Spike will contact John Hunt.
    • Kendrick Mountain re-supply. Kaibab Nt’l Forest has new head, moving slow.  Trail is overgrown and trees are down.   Mark Stevropolis will not be available due to fire season
    • Grant request for Forest Service for chainsaw and other tools.  BHCA gave us a grant for $600 + $400 from us.  Mark can get two custom made chainsaw attachments for pack animals.


  • May Events: 
    • Self-Defense on Horseback clinic – Horse Lords, May 15th  ($150 per rider / $30 audit).  18 audits and 10 riders
    • May 8th – 9th  Ned Leigh 2-Day Horsemanship Clinic FULL with 10 riders and .  Auditor spots only available.   ($275 per rider / $20 auditor fee per day)


  • June events 
  • June 5th Little Thumb Butte members ride.  FULL  Jim Higgs will lead the trail.

  • Bumblebee Update 
    • Starting to receive donations for auction.  Shelly and Claudia will spearhead donations search.
    • Going to get rid of the old flyer.  Craig, Wendy, and Katherine will work on new flyer design.
    • JC is interested in being auctioneer
    • Initial meeting had six participants, commitees formed.


  • Sedona Update
    • Girdner trail turnouts to be carved out.  4-5 turnouts identified for other trail users coming up the trail. Work schedule Fall 2021 / Spring 2022 hasn’t been made up yet, but hoping for Fall 2021.
    • Getting better response from Chris Johannson. 
    • Parking is being enforced at Bell Rock horse trailer parking ($80).
    • Craig will ride with Chris J for June 12th to show Chris what it’s like for equestrians.  Or June 19th.
    • Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund would like to show BCHCAZ as a partner. Funds a lot of the trail work in Sedona.  (about $1 mil in the past 6-7 years).  We will allow them to use our logo on their website.  Board members voted on this and approved.

  • Grants 
    • Spruce Mountain 307 grant – 15k approved, we committed $1500 to help
    • $25k grant has not yet come in, but no crews will be available (will be assigned to fire duty)


  • Prescott Rodeo
    • Tickets are on sale (full audience)
    • Parade – 5 people so far for the parade.  Theme is Western History. Question came up of should all participants in the parade be members?  Only 5 members volunteered.  Some board members would like a way for people who can’t ride or walk to participate in the parade.
    • Joan will reach out to people in other communities to get volunteers for the parade.
    • Bartending – 12 people have volunteered for bartending.  No one for downstairs bar.
    • All volunteers must have BCHCAZ shirt.  Katherine working on that.  Volunteer shirts will be $15.  Shirts are $35 for everyone else.


  • Groom Creek Horse Camp 
    • Spike bought a gate and took it to Groom Creek for them to install. Checking on the panel.
    • Susan Johnson nor Jason has responded to clean-up.
    • Spike checked with Susan Johnson on replacing a wooden tie-up with a metal one.  Susan will let Spike know.


Adjourn.   Next meeting is Monday, June 7th