Social Events and More….

Wednesday, June 19th 5:30pm – 8:00pm – Trail Talk Social Hour – Founding Fathers   Bring a donation for the Bumble Bee auction and get extra tickets for the raffle.

Thursday, July 4th – Bartending Night at the Rodeo – Evening Performance    Questions?  Call Gayle Gardner 949-631-1916

Saturday, July 6th – Parade.  Parade starts at 9:00am and goes from Willis and  Cortez south to Carleton then turns right to Montezuma and right down Whiskey Row to the end at Sheldon.  Total time for the parade route is about 15-20 minutes.  Our group would need to be at the staging area by 8:00am.  We usually park in the shade at Washington Street and Willis and then head to our staging area.   We will have a ground crew with water and donuts/muffins/etc. at the staging area.  Dress your horse in something patriotic.  We will wear our blue long sleeve logo shirts (or a really patriotic shirt).  If you don’t have a blue BCHCAZ shirt we will have a few available for purchase. 

Have you ridden your horse in a parade before?  We will have a practice prior to that day to help desensitize. 

This is a tradition for BCHCAZ and we love to support our great community as well as making sure everyone knows who we are.  Any questions, please call Gayle Gardner 949-631-1916  

November 1-3Annual Weekend Ride & Fundraiser at Bumble Bee Ranch     To register go to Bumble Bee Ranch Adventures 

Thursday, December 19th – Holiday Party in conjunction with Prescott Saddle Club. Centennial Center












On March 13th we hired Arrow Fire and Land to work on Trail #347.  There are many dangerous blind corners and they were able to clear out some of them.  There’s a lot more work to do.  We paid for the first 2 days of work and are writing a grant to pay for the rest of the project.  Total estimated # of days to complete is 10.  That’s a $20,000 bill.  One important requirement to get the grant is that we have in-kind (volunteer hours) so it is important that we do our part to help on this trail.