BCHCAZ 2019 Horsemanship Safety Series
All clinic times are 9:00 – 12:00 at CVEA arena

BCHCAZ Clinic October 6th
Pony 101
9:00 to 12:00 –  Chino Valley Equestrian Center

  • Fundamentals and preparation of ponying horses/mules to pack
  • Groundwork including rope work for helping your animal be ready
  • Riding exercises to work on use of legs, one handed riding
  • Practice ponying with your saddle horse
  • If you have a horse/mule you want to bring to pony, you may want to bring a friend or horse holder

Limit of 10 people with stock. Members (to ride) only $10. Auditors/public welcome at no charge.

Contact Jack directly to hold spot: Jack.M.Emory2950@gmail.com

Previous events:

March 31 at Chino Valley Equestrian Park; 09:00-12:00

  • Groundwork
  • Pre-ride safety
  • Steering one handed ; prep for ponying a pack animal

April 28 ( same time and location )

  • Groundwork
  • Riding fundamentals for the trail
  • Trail obstacles

The approach to this work you can expect is Preparation, being significant to the horse by demonstrating fair leadership; gaining a response to build respect, building trust through consistency, developing feel, timing and balance.

Clinics are meant for broke horses, to develop and/or refine communication with SAFETY in mind while preparing for trails, back country travel, and packing.

My contact info if you have questions or to reserve a spot:
Jack Emory   928-848-6552

Sign up by emailing Jack at: jack.m.emory2950@gmail.com

Cost is $10 / horse and rider; you MUST be a member of BCHCAZ.
Please complete membership beforehand if not currently a member.