BCHCAZ Board Meeting –  May 4, 2020

Conference Call-in permanent number: (978) 990-5239, ID: 351324

Roll Call – Quorum

  • President – Craig Ferdig
  • Treasurer – Dan Thornhill
  • Secretary – Rene Ferdig
  • VP – Gayle Gardner gave updates and approvals prior to meeting, but could not attend.

Approve Agenda:  Approved

Previous Minutes see highlight from 4/6/2020 meeting minutes.

Committee Reports – Old Business

  • Finance – no new income or expenses in the last month. We have $22,927.78 in checking, $5,046.50 in money market.
  • Bumblebee committee had its first meeting 4/30/2020. We need more volunteers!!
  • Almosta Trail System. Craig Ferdig and Katherine Thornhill rode the trail on 5/1 and identified areas that need clean-up.  $3800 bid by Arrow Fire Prevention Service for crew of 12 people to walk in 5 miles, clean up, and walk out.  Agreed to by Gayle (VP), Dan (Treasurer), Craig (President), and Rene (Secretary).   Ribbon marking will be needed prior to cleanup.
  • Sedona Trails – Trail south of Sedona checked out by Richard, Craig, Saara, and Gayle. Very challenging, rocky, very steep step downs/ups, two crossings over Oak Creek.  Could be cleaned up with minimal effort, but requires seasoned trail horses and riders.



  • Rodeo/Parade – 2020 parade is still on. $100 entry fee. Gayle will coordinate the parade and bartending for the rodeo.
  • Annual Fall Benefit – Some people wanted to move from Bumblebee this year. Research into alternatives showed other venues more expensive and/or already booked for appropriate weather months.  Less risk to remain at Bumblebee this year.  Kelly has confirmed we are penciled in at Bumblebee for weekend of 11/6, if they’re able to be open.  Suggestions for activities:
    • Poker Ride
    • Horse Massage with Kathy Kentera (potential)
    • Orienteering and Geocaching class and activity
    • Other?
    • Requesting $2,000 for budget for Bumblebee. (Approved)
  • Christmas Party – Katherine Thornhill will head up our Christmas Party for December 11th.
  • 2021 Rose Bowl Parade – from March meeting, Gayle will check into this possibility.
  • Cowboy Poets – still scheduled for 8/9. Jim Buchanan and volunteers.
  • Groom Creek – postponed until COVID-19 activities are cleared for work

New Business

  • BCHCAZ Logo signs and marketing request. Requesting $1000 for:
    • BCHCAZ pins (200 for $400).
    • Map and triangle etiquette sign at Stringfield trail head requested by Jason (PV Nat’l Forest) – 2 signs – Approx $200 (included in the request for $1000 for logo’d items).
    • Add’l logo signs for trail etiquette at Peavine trail and Pioneer trail.
  • Emergency Equine Evacuation (EEE) will be putting out media this week with BCH information, which will be forwarded to BCH of America.
  • Gates discussion with Jason (PV Natl Forest). Geography dictates what kind of gates go in, and how wide the gate area is.

Comments/Additional Topics

Will be nice to have face-to-face meetings again, but only after it’s considered safe and those attending are comfortable with face-to-face meetings.