BCHCAZ Board Meeting –  June 1, 2020

Conference Call-in permanent number: (978) 990-5239, ID: 351324

Roll Call – Quorum

  • Roll Call – Quorum
     President – Craig Ferdig
     Treasurer – Dan Thornhill
     Secretary – Rene Ferdig
     Former President – Alan White
  • Approve Agenda: Approved
  • Previous Minutes: see highlights from 5/4/2020 meeting minutes.
    Membership – 7 new member applications
    Old Business
    Committee Reports –
  •  Finance –
    o $3800 expenditure for Almosta Trail cleanup.
    o $396 expenditure to Craig Ferdig for the BCHCAZ pins.
    o $18,941.78 in checking
    o $5,046.91 in money market
  • Events
    Trail Maintenance –
    o Almosta Trail was partially cleaned up after it was marked by BCH two
    members. All of trail 1937 was completed, but 2 miles of trail 622 (2 ½
    miles in) were missed completely. Might be faster to get there from the
    ranch access.
    o Savannah Hafer – Eagle Scout candidate, using trail etiquette and trail
    cleanup. Savannah and other scouts will clean up another trail they can
    access better. Alan volunteered to be a crew leader if needed.
    o Groom Creek cleanup – Waiting for new date. Savannah also working
    with Spike to bring in scouts for a cleanup.
    o Mingus Mountain – Forest service has a 3 to 5 years plan including trailer
    parking area on the north side with tunnel to go under the road to link up
    all the trails.
    o Alan received very positive un-solicitated comments on Almosta Trail
  •  Rodeo/Parade are still on the scheduleo Bar Tending – potential for cancellation, depending on conditions. Gate
    proceeds determine
  • Bumblebee Annual Fall Benefit
     4 subcommittees – members Craig Ferdig, Wendy Timmel, Rene Ferdig, Dianne
    Echazabal, Saara Ronan, and Shelly Day
    o Operations – Led by Craig Ferdig.
     Kelly posted Bumblebee annual event on the ranch site. New
    signup website complete and working well. Attendees make
    reservations on the website.
     Proposed add’l funds for arena rental for the weekend. $300
     Same price for members and non-members. $160 for the
    weekend.o Entertainment / Riding – still need a leader
     Scavenger hunt / orienteering and map reading class led by
    Savannah and scouts
     EMT / first aid clinic on trail first aid for horses and people
     Self defense on the trail
     GMR have drill team which might be interested in a practice
     Obstacle course?
    o Communications – led by Wendy Timmel
     Daily events listed for attendees
    o Auction – still need a leader
     Saara Ronan interested in helping, or maybe taking point.
     May not have many donations due to conditions of economy 
  • Sedona Subcommittees
     Sedona – report from Joan Bouck: no updates from the Red Mountain group
    since March.
     Camp Verde – no updates
    New Business
     Packing equipment stored at Alan’s location. Saving $800-900/year on 10×10
    storage rental. Long term solution needed? Alan ok with keeping it.
     Leftovers from last year’s auction at Alan’s. Garage sale?
    Comments/Additional Topics
     Pro-active communication with different groups regarding eBikes is good.