BCHCAZ Board Meeting – September 13, 2021

Zoom Meeting can be used by a Smartphone.


Roll Call – Quorum

·         President – Craig Ferdig

·         Vice President – Gayle Gardner

·         Secretary – Rene Ferdig

·         Treasurer – Wendy Timmel

·         Trails – Spike Hicks

·         Sedona committee – Steph Giesbrecht

Agenda:  Approved

·         Financial / Membership Update – Wendy

o   Financial – $31,540 beginning balance.  Ending balance $30,630. $5,050 in money market.

o   Membership – 97 members now!  Saara has volunteered to help with managing membership.

·         Trails:

o   Need to renew the agreement with the forest service. Craig looking into it.

o   Prescott Nat’l Forest and Kaibab Forests will open 7/9

o   National Trails day volunteers needed for 9/25 on Spruce Mountain trail. Hitching rail had tree fall on it and a grill in the picnic area needs to be put back in the ground, in addition to trail work.

o   SAM – System for Award Mgmt, reactivate Dun & Bradstreet number, reactivate our CAGE (?) number has been completed.

·         Groom Creek Horse Camp

o   Waiting on 16’ Powder River replacement panel – will cost $400 ($200 has been put down)

o   Spike spoke with Susan Johnson.  5 wheelbarrows and manure forks donated by Sally Allen for the Saddle Bags group.  Hosts have quit, Susan is looking for replacement hosts.

o   Cleanup in April 2022, need two weekends to get it done.

o   Rock breaking class put on by the forest service was held this week.

 ·         September

o   No scheduled events in September. Potential group ride in October.


·         Bumblebee Update

o   Reservations are open!!   ~45 people are signed up. Some stalls are available.

o   Some donations have started rolling in.

·         Sedona Update

o   Got approval on carsonite signs.  BCHCAZ pledged $1,000.

o   Kevin Kuhl is Forest’s replacement.  Chris Johanssen is confident in his abilities.

o   Chris wants to move forward with western gateway work that has been identified.

.·         Christmas Party

o   December 3rd or 4th (confirming with the venue)

o   Katie McAlister will be point on organizing the Christmas Party.

 Adjourn.  Next meeting is Monday, October 4th at 6:30.