BCHCAZ Board Meeting – November 1, 2021


Roll Call – Quorum

·         President – Craig Ferdig

·         Vice President – Gayle Gardner

·         Secretary – Rene Ferdig

·         Treasurer – Wendy Timmel

·         Trails – Spike Hicks

·         Sedona – Joan Bouck

Agenda:  Approved

·         Financial / Membership Update – Wendy

o   Membership – 107 members.  $400 in new memberships.

o   Financials – starting balance $30,069.14, ending balance $28,740.

o   Expenses for Groom Creek gate, Bumblebee materials, and a few other small expenses.

o   Network for Good donation for $25 or $40.

o   Sedona donations are picking up.

·         Trails

o   Trail maintenance on Almosta Ranch / WV trail #1937 was held October 16th.  Cleared ½ mile of trail.

o   .Aero Fire will clear 622

o   Over the Hill Gang will finish off 1937

o   ACE will clean up 625, 627, and some of 622

·         Groom Creek Horse Camp

o   FS is still looking for new hosts

o   Spike has the panel.  The camp is closed and a date will need to be arranged with Susan Johnson to install it.

·         Bumblebee Update

o   58 people are signed up.  18 signed up for Saturday night dinner.

o   Anyone signing up for BCHCAZ membership before or at Bumblebee will have good membership through 2022.

o   All auction items are ready for transport to Bumblebee

·         Sedona Update

o   Dual sided 72” signs purchased for Sedona trails

o   Will work with Boy Scouts to determine a plan for installing the signs

·         Christmas Party

o   Friday, December 3rd at the Prescott Airport Centennial Hall.  Food donation encouraged from each attendee – will go to a local food bank.

o   $45/person.  BCHCAZ will subsidize $20/person.  Deposit has been paid.

o   Katie McAlister will be point on organizing the Christmas Party.

o   Gail Stiger (sp?) – cowboy poet will perform. We will cover his dinner cost.


Adjourn.  Next meeting is Monday, December 6th at 6:30.