BCHCAZ Board Meeting – July 6, 2021

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Roll Call – Quorum

  • President – Craig Ferdig
  • Secretary – Rene Ferdig
  • Treasurer – Wendy Timmel
  • Trails – Spike Hicks
  • Sedona committee – Joan Bouck


Agenda:  Approved

  • Financial / Membership Update – Wendy
    • Financial – Wendy took over after Dan resigned. Finances are now online and Wendy will set us up on QuickBooks to fully automate the books.
      • $5,049 in money market
      • $32,224.45 in checking
    • Membership –
  • Trails:
    • Need to renew the agreement with the forest service. Craig looking into it.
    • Prescott Nat’l Forest and Kaibab Forests will open 7/9
    • Discussion around providing BCHCAZ trail maintenance volunteers with a free BCHCAZ t-shirts. Wendy will do some designs for a new t-shirt and send to us for review.
  • Groom Creek Horse Camp
    • 16’ replacement panel is still on backorder.
    • August BCH weekend 8/20-22.
    • $1500 donation to the maintenance on the “stair steps” of trail 307 up to Spruce Mountain to be completed this year.
  • June Events:
    • Sedona ride with Chris Johannsen (Red Rocks Ranger District) went well showing him what it’s like to be an equestrian on one of the trails.
  • July events
    • Bartending brought in $1,057.82
    • Parade went well, but no prizes this year.
  • August events
    • Cowboy Poets breakfast is Sunday August 15th. BCHCAZ does the cooking, serving, and clean-up. 15-20 volunteers needed.
    • Custom saddle will be raffled (tickets sold at rodeo).
  • Bumblebee Update
    • Everything moving forward. No contributions yet.
    • Horse Lords want to join BCHCAZ and will be attending Bumblebee and offered a one hour demo of Safety on Horseback.
    • Mark Strevropolis will offer a packing demo if he has that weekend off.
    • Wendy created and printed 100 flyers. Some were distributed at the Little Thumb Butte ride.
  • Sedona Update
    • Coconino National Forest is now open.
    • Girdner trail multiple intersection areas, needs signage including where a trail might be difficult for horses
    • Trail etiquette signage will be put in place. Need carsonite signs.
  • Christmas Party
    • December 3rd or 4th (confirming with the venue)
    • Katie McAlister will be point on organizing the Christmas Party.
  • Prescott Rodeo
    • Rodeo crew was very happy with how BCHCAZ handled their bartending and hope to put the group into a better night next year.



Adjourn.  Next meeting is Monday, August 2nd at 6:30.