BCHCAZ Board Meeting – Aug 3, 2020

Conference Call-in permanent number: (978) 990-5239, ID: 351324



Roll Call – Quorum

  • President – Craig Ferdig
  • Vice President – Gayle Gardener
  • Treasurer – Dan Thornhill
  • Secretary – Rene Ferdig
  • Sedona chapter – Joan Bouck


Approve Agenda:


Previous Minutes: Rose Bowl Parade was cancelled.  We have two major events that look to happen.  November Bumblebee and Christmas party.


Membership – 3 more new members for the month


Old Business

Committee Reports –

  • Finance – Available for those who would like to see it. No big changes from last month.



  • Trail Maintenance –
    • Almosta Trail # 308 needs some maintenance, mostly trimming. Christina reports it isn’t worth paying a crew.
    • Deer Pass Trail – goes down to Oak Creek (off 89A). Very rough. Joan rides the other side from Turkey Creek.
    • Western Gateway trail system just opened up.
    • Another request for packing in November on the Dogue (?) trail.
    • Rumors of Groom Creek being open


  • Rose Parade cancelled.


Bumblebee Annual Fall Benefit

  • Operations – Led by Craig Ferdig.
    • Kelly reports 48 confirmed reservations. 20 people who want to go but haven’t confirmed.  If COVID kicks up, October 1 is our final date for canceling Bumblebee and getting our money back.
  • Entertainment / Riding –
    • Cowboy poet
    • Scavenger hunt / orienteering and map reading class led by Savannah and scouts
    • EMT / first aid clinic on trail first aid for horses and people
    • Self defense on the trail
  • Communications – led by Wendy Timmel
    • Daily events listed for attendees
    • Taken over FB activity
  • Auction –
    • Craig reviewed last year’s “swap pile”. Not much that would be worth anything.  Doug (Cowboy Corner) knows a guy who buys all the tack that Doug won’t sell.
    • Saara Ronan has collected many very good donations
    • May not have many donations due to conditions of economy


Sedona Subcommittees

  • Sedona – report from Joan Bouck: 2020-2021 maintenance season starts this fall.  Two trails in the Village at Oak Creek from Red Rock Trails Enhancement program.  Dairy Springs and Pine Valley trails.  Joan will hike them to check them out.  Parking will be put in.
  • Chris Johanssen at Red Rock Ranger district, will support more trailer parking. Have been enforcing trailer parking at Bell Rock trail head
  • Western Gateway trails are supposed to be horse trails but not designed as horse trails. Parking at old cultural center.
  • Jacks Canyon Trail and Hot Loop Trail. Will get more popular with Western Gateway Trails opening up.
  • Camp Verde – no updates


New Business

  • No new business


Comments/Additional Topics

  • None today