In 2009, we performed over 2,700 hours of volunteer work on our public lands.

Recent projects include installation of 3 gates which can be operated from horseback, 1 at the intersection of trail 320 in the Granite Mountain Wilderness with Forest Road 671; another at the intersection of the 308 trail in the Granite Mountain Wilderness with Forest Road 671 and the other on the nearly completed 622 trail, aka Almosta Trail which connects the trailhead on Almosta Ranch Road to Forest Road 671.

The 5.5 miles of the new 622 trail, aka Almosta Trail, was cleared using a SWECO machine requiring a total rental cost of $4,000, $3,000 of which was paid for by BCHCAZ. The other $1,000 was provided by a grant by the AZ Off Road Highway Vehicle Coalition.
In 2010 BCHCAZ will be working with the Prescott Saddle Club, on our Groom Creek Horse Camp clean up day, to install a pavilion over the dining area in the group camp. A $15,000 grant received from the Arizona Horse Lovers in memory of Cathy Hubbard, a long time equestrian and supporter of the horse camp, made this possible.

2010 projects also include building 8.5 miles of loop trails in the Almosta trail area. These trails have been flagged and work is ongoing. BCHCAZ received an $8,000 grant for this project. $3,000 reimbursed the chapter for the funds spent on the 1st phase. The additional $5,000 will be used in the development of the 8.5 miles of trail planned for 2010. Once the mechanized work is done, Denny Murray, our projects director estimates it will take 6 people 27 days to complete the hand work to finish the trail.

Ongoing or annual projects include:

  • Almosta Loops Trails, 8.5 miles of new trail in 2010
  • Gate Installation, retrofit and signs
  • Groom Creek Horse Camp Clean-up- April
  • Annual Trail Ride
  • Equifest-Packing Demo and Dutch Oven Cooking
  • Kendrick Re-stock
  • Tri-Forest
  • Juniper Springs (trail #3, trail clearing)
  • Service Projects
  • BCHCAZ serves breakfast to the Cowboy Poets Gathering every August